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  • Implementation
  • Testing and Integration
  • Maintainance


Small Reusable Components


  • An input with a clear button inside
  • The clear button should only be displayed if the input is not empty and it is focused.
  • After clearing the input using the clear button, it should…

Leverage TypeScript to set up your cross-platform app’s flow

Workflow on a wall
Workflow on a wall
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Which one should you use?

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The Journey

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The Setup

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What to look for in a Code Review?

A common StackOverflow question

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const doSomethingWithTheState = () => {
console.log(state); // this prints the old value

Why does React handle it that way?

Make your project’s life easier from the start

A car’s start/stop button
A car’s start/stop button
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1. TypeScript

But more importantly, should understand

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1. Fall in love with the problem, not the solution— Unknown

At least not in the near future

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Why did I start with an Android phone?

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